les miserables

Les Mis was on the telly a few days ago and I love this musical a lot but loads of people find it super depressing. And yes, it is a little bit. There is a lot of death in there.

But if you look closely, there is a lot of love threaded throughout the characters and within the songs.

If you look even closer, you can also see how  many different types of love there are. Let me explain…

1.There is the one who puts it about a bit

1 Les Mis love

Naughty Fantine. She gets knocked up by a guy who says he will give her the world, and then buggers off as soon as things get a bit tough (we’ve all been there!) And then unfortunately, she has to become a prostitute to pay for her little daughter. It’s a hard life.

2. The Workaholic

2 les mis love

Enjolras is handsome and I bet all the girls want him. But he is just not interested. He is simply intent on achieving his goals. Which is admirable and all that, but come on…the revolution won’t keep you warm at night and you don’t want to die alone. (Spoiler alert – he does!)

3. The one firmly in the friend-zone

3 les mis love

I really really feel for poor Eponine. She is overlooked for SO LONG and he really is clueless. You have my complete sympathy.

4. The one who falls in love too fast

4 les mis love

Marius is a romantic at heart and anything can turn his eye. Like the back of a dress and a huge bonnet. He barely even sees her face for goodness sake!! But it works for him so maybe I should give it a go.

5. The blonde who everyone fancies

5 les mis love

Cosette is slightly whiney and a bit boring. But of course she gets the guy, because she’s pretty to look at, ain’t she?

6. The DILF

6 les mis love

Hugh Jackman…I mean errr Jean Valjean… is just yummmmmmy! That’s all.

7. The perve

7 les mis love

Monsieur Thenardier is definitely not a gentleman. He owns a pub and is wayyyyy too touchy-feely. And after you get felt up, you would probably be murdered by his wife.

8. The obsessive one

8 les mis love

Javert just does not give up. He would definitely be the one who you would have to block on Facebook, change your number and move to the Caribbean, before you could escape him.

9. The heart throb

9 les mis love

Gavroche might be a kid, but you know that if he was a decade older he would be the most loyal, gorgeous, best boyfriend around. Shame he had to be really brave and get killed.

Is it just me?

(all GIFs courtesy of giphy.com. Les Mis movie poster courtesy of imdb.com)