school date

Last year as part of my university course, I was sent into the reception class of a primary school to carry out a two month work placement.

Now, schools are not the most obvious place where you would find a date. There are very few men there and the one or two who do work there, are often gay (a little bit of a generalisation, I know but it is true in 90% of the schools I’ve worked in)!

Despite the lack of men (apart from an extremely hot visiting PE specialist who I came across a couple of times – drool!! He could ask me out on a date any time he liked!!) I actually had a really enjoyable time. I worked hard, planning and organising exciting lessons for the little 5 year olds where they would learn without even noticing it. And it was faintly satisfying when they did…

During my months there, I became really close to the kids in my class. Of course, some of them were little shits, as children often are, but most of them I liked.

There was one little kid in particular who was just the most gorgeous child around. His name was Roberto and he was unbelievably cute. All the teachers adored him, he was just this little intelligent angel of perfection who sometimes made our teaching day so so much better.

This kid actually took a real shine to me as well which culminated, in the final few days I was there, in him telling everyone that he was going to marry me when he was 13.

I do feel like he’s got the right idea – women like commitment after all and they often do crave a big white wedding. But he has to work on his technique a little bit.

Firstly, it is polite to ask a lady before he tells everyone he is marrying her. Secondly, it is often a good idea to date the lady for a little while first. Thirdly, he needs to organise a ring and a nice proposals so the lady thinks he is being serious.

But apart from that, I feel like he did a pretty good job. And his heart is definitely in the right place. If only the world was made up of similarly precocious 5 year olds instead of the horrible men we end up dating instead.

Is it just me?