restaurant date

The other night I had a wonderful evening with a group of uni friends who I haven’t seen in forever. It was a genuinely hilarious evening where we all caught up on each other’s lives – mainly our love lives, let’s be honest about it. There were only a couple of us in relationships while the rest of us were still on the dating scene and we were swapping hilariously awful dating stories.

After a couple of drinks, we went out for a meal at one of our favourite restaurants that we had discovered when we were all in uni together. And the evening was made even better because we had THE hottest waiter ever. I kid you not. Imagine a cross between Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt and then times the hotness of their love child by 10. That’s how hot the waiter was.

You can just imagine what we were like – 7 slightly tipsy and ultra giggly females who were acting like they were 12 rather than in their twenties. We got ridiculously silly about him and it became a bit of a standing joke throughout the evening.

But as the evening wore on, it became clearer and clearer that this guy was flirting with us and, although I am still shocked by it, me in particular. My friends 100% noticed so they came up with a little plot to force us to go on a date. And I had absolutely no complaints about this at all. I need all the help I can get when it comes to going on dates.

So it was heading towards the end of the evening and none of their little plans had worked to secure me a date. Therefore they came up with one final idea.

We had all been given one of those feedback cards to fill out, about how good the meal and the service was. And on the card there was a very convenient box for ‘extra feedback.’ It was the perfect space we needed, so the entire table wrote ‘Call Lois on 07….’

I thought he was going to ignore it for sure. But our persistence paid off and I received a text from him before we’d even left the restaurant. What a way to get a date! I am a little excited.

Is it just me?