I don’t envy all you 17/18 year olds at the moment. I would never in a million years want to go back to those days where I am literally shivering with fear, waiting to find out my A level results/A2 results/whether I had been accepted into university (LIFE SPOILER: you will be fine, even if you are a bit disappointed with your results. Life has a way of working itself out!)

However, I do feel like I can understand your pain a little. Because when you think about it, the stress of getting¬†your A Level results is remarkably similar to when you enter the dating world. Here’s why.

1.Constantly refreshing your emails

1 refresh date

Or in the Dating World equivalent – your Facebook messages. But somehow a reply comes in a lot later than they said it would and you find you have wasted hours of your life pressing the refresh button and watching the little loady-thing do its loady-thing. (It becomes a bit hypnotic).

2. Phoning up but having no one pick up

2 ignoring dates

The phone rings and rings and rings. But there is clearly no one at the other end. Either that or they are ignoring you. Or they just want to prolong your agony. Whatever the reason, whoever you are trying to reach is having a much more fun life than you are.

3. Feeling underwhelmed

3 disappointed dating

Is it just me or are the results always disappointing? Either they aren’t what you want or, after waiting and getting nervous for so long, you just kind of go ‘oh…what shall I do with my life now?’ Now your date has replied, you actually have to carry on talking to him and you realise you really can’t be bothered.

Either that or your date replies to your essay of a text with a ‘ok cool’ or something similarly stupid. Nope, not going to date you anymore.

4. Feeling like you’ve wasted a whole year of your life

4 waste time dating

All that preparation…all that lead up – what is it actually for? Life carries on.

5. The sweating as you check your phone

5 sweating dates

It is understandable when you are waiting for your A Level results, who wouldn’t be nervous as supposedly the REST OF YOUR LIFE depends on this moment (LIFE SPOILER: it doesn’t!) but does anyone else get this while they are waiting for their date to reply? Please say it’s not just me.

6. Seeing everyone else’s smug faces with their perfect life

6 smug dating

Whether they have amazing grades or the perfect guy (who always replies and then asks them on a series of perfect dates before they become their perfect boyfriend)…everyone¬†else’s life seems so much better than mine.

Excuse me while I go and hide in the corner and panic about life.

Is it just me?

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