Finding a date who will actually treat you well, might feel like you are wishing for the impossible but maybe wishing on a star would help?

Us 90s children have grown up on a diet of love, romance and excellent songs courtesy of Disney (ta very much) for as long as we can remember. And somehow no real life date has ever lived up to the greatness that Disney men seem to ooze from their every pore.

1. You know it will be love at first sight

You don’t need to worry about the dating part at all, you can just skip to the good bit. Hooray.

1 date alice

2. He doesn’t mind if you’re a bit different to him

If Eric can be ok about his wife having a tail instead of legs, my date should be able to deal with the fact that I have a few spots. Right?

2 dates ariel

3. They put you first

John Smith incurs the wrath of his boss because he isn’t able to go against his beloved Pocahontas. Men who can’t even be bothered to send a text while you are dating, should take note.

3 dating pochahontas

4. They don’t mind commitment

Prince Hans asked Anna to marry him after a few hours. Why does it take real men years of dating to pluck up the courage? It is not that scary/difficult, boys. (We will just ignore the fact that Prince Hans was an evil title-hunter who nearly killed his wife-to-be).

4 frozen dates

5.They are all super good looking

Is it wrong to fancy a cartoon?

5 flynn smoulder

6. They will save you from some sticky situations

Simba leaves the jungle where he has no worries, to try and rid the pride of his evil uncle. But it’s really all for his precious Nala.

6 lion king date

7. You never know when love is around the corner but can be certain it will turn up soon

Your husband-to-be may be anything from a randomer who you don’t even like to a frog, if Disney is anything to go by. Gives me hope that one of these rubbish dates, could actually be successful one day.

7 princess frog love

8. He gives you what you want

If it’s a new place to live, he will give you that. If it’s to escape your family, he will whisk you away. If it’s to allow you more independence, he will entertain you with unseen views of your kingdom. He’s really very accommodating.

8 aladdin love

9. He won’t give up on you

Once he has found you, he knows you are the one and nothing will stop him until he finds you. Just look at Prince Charming…he goes around the town with a smelly shoe until he locates Cinderella again. And you can be sure, that from now on, you will be a great team.

9 mulan love

Is it just me?

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