school dateAfter training for four years, I finally landed my first job as an NQT teacher last September. And obviously because I am hugely overworked, it soon became clear that I had no timeĀ at all for dating and I haven’t been on a single date all year. Cue sad music.

As I have been placed into a year 1 class, the parents of my 5/6 year old kids are not actually that much older than me. The youngest being around 25 and my goodness is he attractive (and unfortunately, very happily married to his son’s mother).

Still this didn’t stop every single female teacher having mini fantasies about him and it became a bit of a standing joke within the school. Everyone was quite jealous about the fact that his son was in my class and this was added to when I had to keep on calling him in, to discuss his son’s behaviour. The child was becoming a bit of a nightmare, but at least there was a silver lining. Us teachers even joked around and called the parent-teacher conference, a date.

The end of the year approached and a week or two before the summer term was over, me, the other teacher in year 1 and our two teaching assistants decided to go out for a drink. I had found out that afternoon thatĀ I had passed my NQT year so we had a lot to celebrate and we became quite merry.

And when we were at the height of our merriment, who should happen to walk in the bar but the hot dad with a bunch of his friends. Of course he spots us and comes over to say hello, and introduces us to his friends. They stay chatting for a few minutes and then started to drift away.

But before one of his friends could escape, my TA (teaching assistant) managed to slur at him ‘By the way, she totally fancies him’ and with a little bit of finger pointing, it became very clear who she was on about. I was MORTIFIED. Especially when I realised on Monday that my pupil’s Dad was very much aware of my crush. He didn’t look me in the eye again.

Is it just me?

Contributed by a reader